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​About Me​

Who I am as a Writer

I have always been a storyteller at heart.  I write a wide variety of fantasy fiction, from classic sword-and-sorcery and urban fantasy to humorous pieces and childrens picture books.  I love stories where a sympathetic hero struggles to defeat a great evil to preserve the force of good.  I love movies as much as the written word, and my appreciation for films is reflected in my cinematic writing style.  I love Latin, mythology, philosophy and history as much as I do math and science.  My well-rounded education and interests influence my stories.

I am a high school Chemistry teacher but I am curently writing full-time.  I hope to finish two new novels this year, and will periodically post updates on my progress.

Writers Workshops and Organizations

I am a 2011 graduate of the Odyssey Writers Workshop.  I have also participated in the Clarion Online Writers Workshop, the St. Louis Writers Workshop, and a workshop with the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators.  I am currently a member of the St. Louis Writers Guild.

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