I've just added a new resource to my "Resources For Writers" page.  The website www.zenbusiness.com/info/writing-careers has links to many helpful articles about such topics as honing the writer's craft, possible writing careers, and tips on publishing.  Thanks to Amelia for recommending this great resource!


My new story "The Orb of Shadows" is now in print!  It's in the paperback anthology In the Shadow of the Mountain edited by Marinda K. Dennis and published by Elder Gods Publishing.  You can get it now on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com! The link below is to the amazon.com website:
























cover shadow of the mountain.jpg

Thunder On the Battlefield  is now available in both print and ebook formats on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com!  The anthology is divided into two volumes--Volume I: Sword  and Volume II: Sorcery.  My story "Thief of Souls" is in Volume I: Sword.  Click on the photo of the book cover below to access the amazon.com website:


































My story, "Thief of Souls," is being published in the anthology Thunder On the Battlefield, edited by James R. Tuck for Seventh Star Press.  It promises to be an exciting and beautiful two-volume anthology of classic sword-and-sorcery tales!  Its current release date is June 2013.



I finally got my new website up and running!  Thanks to my good friend Matt Minnis for his beautiful illustration, "Knight's Prayer," published here on my home page.  This picture really captures the tone and spirit of my stories.

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